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Din vardag, affär och verklighet engagerar oss av den enkla anledningen att vi är övertygade om att vi kan göra den bättre. Genom att utveckla produkter och tjänster gör vi skillnad för våra kunder och påverkar deras vardag till det bättre. Vill du veta hur vi kan göra din vardag bättre? Fyll i formuläret nedan så hör vi av oss!



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We probably don't know which solution suits you best and which data is most relevant to you, and maybe neither do you. But together we can figure this out. You pay for the solution or the information we deliver to solve your needs.

Nordic vehicle information

Nordic vehicle information - we provide comprehensive information about vehicles throughout the Nordics, right down to the reg and VIN number level with up to 400 data points.

All our data comes from official sources such as the Nordic road traffic registers, vehicle manufacturers and OEM´s.

Our vehicle information is used in various ways today and has several areas of use. An example is the ability to perform registration number searches directly on a website. In addition, our data is used to identify vehicles, which can be valuable for, for example, finding the right spare parts or finding out specific information about a vehicle. This can mean anything from knowing what type of charging connector an electric car has to gaining insight into environmental parameters.

For vehicle identification, our data can also be used for camera reading, such as at bridges, recycling stations or parking lots.

The Swedish Road Traffic and Driving License Register

For those who need up-to-date information about vehicles, their users, owners, as well as related information about insurance and financing, we offer access to the Swedish road traffic register in real time, either via API or by logging on to our website, The requirement to take part in this information is that your business is approved within one of the industries authorized by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Change of ownership 2.0

Our service “Change of ownership 2.0” gives you an efficient tool to manage and plan changes of ownership in a smooth way. You can prepare and plan your working week with the help of our built-in calendar function. We also facilitate data management by offering the possibility to submit information linked to the delivery via API, to reduce the amount of manual input and therefore human error.

To further customize and simplify ownership changes, we also offer the possibility to create your own checklists where you can add your own needs in addition to the standard information required to register a trade-in or a sale.

We have no restrictions when it comes to the number of vehicles that can be handled. Whether it's trade-in, drop-off and check-in, rental car markings, leasing restrictions, credit markings or sales, you can easily manage multiple vehicles at the same time.

To simplify and improve your workflow, we can also integrate our platform with your CRM tool or business system (DMS). Once registration is complete, we can feed the desired data back into your system and keep all information in sync.

CRM information

We offer CRM integration that makes it easy to manage both existing customers, new customers and hot leads. By integrating CRM information with your CRM tool, you can ensure that your customer data is always relevant and up-to-date.

Through our CRM API, we can help you regularly clean your customer register, so you can be sure that you always have the right information in your internal systems. Both when it comes to customer experience and GDPR compliance.

Lead management

We offer an efficient solution for managing leads, including structuring, distribution and generation. Through our platform, you can easily collect leads from various sources, such as Bilprospekt, Test Drive, from your website or partners and easily distribute them within your organization.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to collect potential customers from different channels and ensure that these leads reach the right people in your organization. By structuring and distributing leads effectively, you can increase your chances of converting them into business opportunities.

Regardless of whether you already have a CRM tool to manage leads in, or need a platform for this, we can help.

Feedback and follow-up

We can offer the ability to get feedback and follow-up. We believe that whoever has the most up-to-date information has an advantage. What information do you need to take your sales to the next level?

Our platform gives you the opportunity to follow sales right down to retailer, facility or individual level. You can easily access the contact details of the buyer and also explore opportunities with additional products such as insurance, financing and guarantees.

With our comprehensive statistics on all vehicle sales in Sweden, you can compare your figures with the rest of the market at any time. In this way, you always have the overview of how you perform in relation to the best in the industry.

Surveillance services

With our monitoring function, you can have full control over your vehicle fleet, regardless of whether it is based on the organization number or registration number. It gives you the opportunity to easily track all changes that have occurred since the last update. You can quickly identify sold vehicles, additions to the fleet, as well if vehicles have been put out of traffic, have an upcoming inspection or if they have a driving ban.

Our surveillance services help you manage your own or your customers' fleet of vehicles in an efficient and flexible way.

We are happy to integrate with your systems

At Bilvision, there is extensive experience in creating innovative solutions, innovative products and smart services - always with customer benefit at the centre!

Our very own development team is based in Gothenburg, which means that we do everything in-house when it comes to system development, project management, operation and support.

We create tools and services according to our customers' wishes and thus offer tailored and unique solutions for each customer.

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